Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA Bachelor of Music with a Major in Film Scoring, August 2006

Corsi di studio: Double Bass Drum Studies teacher: Dave Di Censo, Rock Repertoire teacher: Mike Mangini, Private Lessons with Kim Plainfield, Sergio Bellotti, Marco Pesenti, Techno Drumset Performance teacher: S. Wilkes, Understanding Grooves teacher: Bob Tamagni.

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 MONUMENT (ROAR) “Hair of the Dog” 2016.

 OMICIDA Ep “Certain Death” 2014

 White Wizzard (Earache) “The Devil’s Cut” 2013

 White Wizzard (Earache Records) “Flying Tigers” released June 2012.

 White Wizzard (Earache Records) single “Shooting Star” 2011.

 White Wizzard (Earache Records) “Over the Top”  2010

 “The God” WBBS records single “A burning heart” 2009. (recorded at Henson Studios)

 “The God” WBBS records full length album “New Religion” Oct 2009.

 “Rituals of the lost” album 2009 by Hiss of Atrocities featuring guitarist Francesco Artusato from “All Shall Perish”

 Recorded drums for guitarist Francesco Artusato Solo Album “Gardens of Yama” 2009.



 MONUMNET in support to RAGE – “The devil tours again” European leg 2016

 MONUMENT in support to Enforcer – Greek leg of tour Athens and Thessaloniki 2015

 White Wizzard in “Dystopia” European tour with ICED EARTH  – 2011

 White Wizzard in “Frets of Fury” north American tour with metal band Firewind (Gus-G)  2011

 White Wizzard in the north American tour with thrash metal band Forbidden 2011

 White Wizzard in “Over the Top” tour in Irland and UK 2010.

 White Wizzard at the world famous DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL in Donington UK 2010 opening second

 White Wizzard in a U.S. national tour and Canadian tour with Korpiklaani  2010

 White Wizzard at Hammerfest Festival U.K. March 2010.

 White Wizzard in “Tinnitus Sanctus Tour” U.K. with Edguy.  2010

 Leiana’s Punk Rock band in “No going back” Japan tour – Tokyo. 2007.

 Leiana’s Punk Rock band in “No going back”  West Coast tour – US. 2007.

 Wildphyr in “Rock the Vote” U.S. national tour 2008.