Biography – Drummer

Originally from Genoa, Italy, Giovanni Dürst is a composer, drummer and educator. He discovered his passion for music early in his life, though he did not have a musical background from his parents. At the age of 8, Giovanni started to have piano lessons at the “Accademia Ducale” in Genoa and stayed with piano since then.

At the age of 14, Giovanni started to play drums an discover his passion for percussions.

In Summer 2003 Giovanni decided to pursue his career in music and attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since he came to the Berklee College, he had the opportunity to study with teachers such as Dave Dicenso, Mike Mangini, Kim Plainfield, Sergio Bellotti and many others great drummers. On August, 2006, The Berklee College of Music has conferred upon Giovanni the degree of Bachelor of Music, major in Film Scoring.

After moving to Los Angeles in early 2007 Giovanni had constantly worked as session musician and composer with artists and bands such as Heavy metal band White Wizzard, Punk band Leiana, music compser Roman Kovalik, guitarist Francesco Artusato, music composer Greg Tripi, Film\TV producer Rod McCall and many more, and had toured intensively all over the U.S., Japan and Europe

Giovanni Dürst is now living between his now again hometown Camogli and Los Angeles, continuing his career in Studio\Live drumming and in the field of Film Scoring.